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  • philhersh 8:22 pm on February 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Jupiter Ascending Review 

    I love “Jupiter Ascending”. I’ve seen it once and I’m going
    to go see it again.

    It had my heart pounding and my blood racing. On the Hershkowitz
    meter where 1 sucks and 10 is great, this movie is a creative, brilliant,
    imaginative and original nine.

    Others have commented on the stunning visual design of this
    movie. I urge you to go see it on the big screen. This is what the Wachowski
    siblings do best. The colors and imagery are unbelievably wonderful.

    The special effects are well rendered and definitely not
    cheesy. The sight of Channing Tatum skateboarding through air is fantastic.
    There’s a great spaceship fight over the city of Chicago that had my heart
    racing, and ended with a giggle. Go see for yourself!

    The music is by Michael Giacchino. If you don’t recognize
    that name, you should. He composed the soundtrack for Star Trek, Ratatouille
    and Up!, among others. He’s a great composer. Lots of orchestra and chorus
    accompany this fantastic space opera movie.

    And space opera it is indeed. The Wachowski siblings are
    nothing if not visual and they pay stylistic homage to all of the best works in
    the space opera genre including but not limited to: 

    - The
    Foundation by Asimov (The great central planet Trantor. Or was it Vogon)
    - Dune by
    Herbert (The great house of Abrasax! Really ☺)
    - Gravity –
    Alfonso Cuarón (Floating around in space)
    - The Lost
    fleet series by Jack Campbell (Portals and Hyperspace)
    - Startide
    Rising by David Brin (We are not alone)
    - Etc., etc.

    Boy is this movie exciting. It got my heart racing and my
    blood pounding. It also had funny moments and touching moments. I thought the
    scenes with Mila Kunis and her family were very effective and moving. 

    The actors did a very credible job holding space on screen
    in the middle of this full on full-blown space opera action movie. And Sean
    Bean doesn’t die☺

    Lots of Channing Tatum with his shirt off and Mila Kunis in
    skimpy outfits aren’t hard to watch.

    The Wachowski siblings wrote the screenplay and it has
    gotten a lot of criticism. I think people don’t understand it. In my mind it’s
    not much different from a Star Wars movie. It’s a fairytale and an adventure
    story and it works. 

    I love 3-D and I think it is used very well here. I love it
    when that fourth wall fades away and I’m flying through outer space. That’s a
    very personal and subjective opinion. I know other people hate 3D. The movie
    has been released in both 2D and 3D. 
    I’ll probably see in in 2D when I see it again this weekend.

    The fight scenes probably go on for a bit longer than I like
    but I can say the same about most of the movies made today including megahits
    like Ironman and The Avengers.

    Jupiter Ascending is a heart stopping popcorn munching
    spectacular 9. Go see it!




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    Cervantes’ coffin found in Madrid crypt 

    History is cool.


    “Researchers looking for the remains of Spanish Don Quixote author Miguel de Cervantes have discovered a coffin containing bone fragments and bearing the initials “M. C.” inside the religious building in Madrid where he is believed to be buried.”

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    ZENITYFITNESS | A Pain in the Psoas 

    See on Scoop.itComplementary Medicine

    New Blog – “A Pain in the Psoas” discusses Lower Back Pain. Try for strengthening the Psoas AND improving yourself in SO Many Ways. Check the blog very informative

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    The Chinese Art of Healing and What Your Should Know About … 

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    A proper acupuncturist will be able to complete a thorough diagnostic assessment in order to determine whether a disruption in the patient’s gi has occurred. After this, a treatment plan can be created so as to succeed in …

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    Herbs and Natural Foods Maintain Optimum Brain Function 

    Via Scoop.itComplementary Medicine

    Herbs and Natural Foods Maintain Optimum Brain Function (RT @NaturalNewsBest *Herbs and natural foods maintain optimum brain function #MGrimes :…)…

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    Spring vegetable planting guide – by Susan Klatz Beal – Helium 

    Via Scoop.itComplementary Medicine

    Although spring hasnt officially arrived, the start of daylight savings and some early blooming flowers remind gardeners everywhere that it wont b…, Susan Klatz Beal (#Spring #vegetable #planting guide

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    Homeopathy FAQ 

    Via Scoop.itComplementary Medicine

    A little light relief today. I found a homeopathy website daft enough to put up a FAQ and thought I’d give them a hand by proofreading and correcting the answers, which I have shortened to the most…

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    Alternative Medicine | Botanica – Consumer Reports 

    Via Scoop.itComplementary Medicine

    Botánicas and alternative medicine are popular among the Hispanic community, but are they safe? Consumer Reports has the information you need to know.

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    Homeopathic Remedies Treat Insomnia 

    Via Scoop.itComplementary Medicine

    Homeopathic Remedies Treat Insomnia (*Homeopathy remedies treat insomnia:…)…

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    8 of the World’s Healthiest Spices & Herbs You Should Be Eating 

    Via Scoop.itComplementary Medicine

    By Kerri-Ann Jennings, M.S., R.D., 

    As a registered dietitian and associate nutrition editor at EatingWell Magazine, I know that herbs and spices do more than simply add flavor to food. They le…

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